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Join us ! is a branch of ORCHAPE (Organisation Chasse et Pêche – the oldest French sporting Agency who in 2008 will celebrate 50 years of experience at the services of hunters and fishermen who travel for their sport all over the world.

Wildboar Hunting Rifle

Orchape offers first class hunting on its 3200 acres Estate (whose 1200 acres are fenced). The Estate which has also 12 lakes and pounds is situated in the Sologne country at 1 ½ hour drive from Paris.
The hunting day can be reserved exclusively for a full team but we have also the possibility to receive individuals or small teams of hunters who will be incorporated in one of our parties. Each hunter or party will be treated with the best personal attention.
The hunting day consists in 3 or 4 drives or “battues”. After drawing their pegs, the shooters are placed on high seats and they shoot the black beats as they are pushed through the line by a team of beaters and dogs. The fast and powerful wild boar is a source of great sport and memorable emotions.
A good meal is served on the Estate at mid day.

On request, rifles (Blaser R93) and ammunitions can be provided.
Wildboar Hunting Rifle At the end of the day, in respect of the French hunting tradition, the bag illuminated by log fires is presented to shooters and the horns are blown for the game and the King shooter of the day.

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Wildboar Bow Hunting
Wildboar Bow Hunting

While it is possible to hunt the large males with bow an arrow or rifle from hides as early as June, the driven (battues) season starts in early November and ends in February. The best time is when the frozen ground allows shooters to be prepared for shooting by hearing the wild boars coming to the line

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